Hairspray Soundtrack

hairspray.jpgOkay…I know y’all are wondering why I have so many reviews involving Hairspray. It’s because I love the movie, play, & soundtrack! I recently bought the soundtrack so now I can review it! I have to say that my fave song…well songs would have to be “You Can’t Stop The Beat” & “Big, Blonde, & Beautiful”. They are upbeat & catchy. The songs are very reminiscent of the ’60s as they are supposed to be. I love the feeling each performer shows in these songs. It makes everything much better! I definitely recommend that people buy this CD if they like the movie! It’s the closest thing to carrying the movie around with you!

 Here’s The List Of Tracks:

1. Good Morning Baltimore

2. The Nicest Kids In Town

3. It Takes Two

4. (The Legend Of) Miss Baltimore Crabs

5. I Can Hear The Bells

6. Ladies’ Choice

7. The New Girl In Town

8. Welcome To The 60’s

9. Run And Tell That

10. Big, Blonde, And Beautiful

11. Big, Blonde, And Beautiful (Reprise)

12. (You’re) Timeless To Me

13. I Know Where I’ve Been

14. Without Love

15. (It’s) Hairspray

16. You Can’t Stop The Beat

17. Come So Far (Got So Far To Go)

18. Cooties

19. Mama, I’m A Big Girl Now

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pureNRG (Pure Energy)

purenrgdebut.jpgI saw this group perform @ WinterJam 2008. They were incredibly energetic!…hence their group’s name. Their names are Carolyne, Jordan, & Caroline…yes the 2 girls have the same names just spelled differently. They are 11, 12, & 15. These kids don’t look that old when you see them in pictures. They do a lot of tumbling & gymnastics stunts while performing which wears them out. Their self-titled debut album has some very upbeat, God fearing lyrics. Also, they chose to remake the 80’s hit song “Footloose”…originally done by Kenny Loggins for the movie “Footloose”. It’s probably my favorite song on their CD. Another great song is called “Pray”. They seem to have strong faith in God & understand what they are singing about & why. I was very impressed when I went on their website to find that these kids are well rounded & appreciate older music. They also seem to read their Bibles a lot too. Their favorite verses were impressive to find out. These young kids appear more ready for Heaven than most adults! I put a link to their site on mine. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them as much as I did! Oh yeah…go buy their CD! It’s great!

Sounds of the Season

taylor.jpgThe new limited edition Christmas CD from Taylor Swift (found only @ Target) is short but FANTASTIC! I have 1 complaint about it…she changes up the tune of “Silent Night”. I commend her on making it her own though. It’s a 6-song CD that she recorded for Target exclusively, as did several other artists. I absolutely love it! I bought it on Halloween night & listened to it almost immediately! I know Halloween is early to start with Christmas but I couldn’t resist! The songs featured on it are: “Last Christmas”, “Christmases When You Were Mine” (which she co-wrote), “Santa Baby” (my personal fave), “Silent Night”, “Christmas Must Be Something More” (which she wrote), & “White Christmas”. If you want to get into the Christmas mood, go buy this album! It worked for me! If you love Taylor Swift, go buy this album! She’s such a great singer, performer, writer, & example for young girls!

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Another Insomniatic Review

3419.jpgNothing earth-shattering, but a handful of songs describe romantic attraction without turning sexual (“Like Whoa,” “Insomniatic,” “Bullseye,” “Chemicals React”). The singer wants to forgive and work through difficulties on “Silence,” and learns lessons from heartache (“If I Could Have You Back”). With a relationship in limbo, she refuses to beg, coolly leaving it up to a vacillating boyfriend to get serious or get lost (“Like It or Leave It”). Other fences aren’t worth mending, and the girls confidently decide that it’s time to move on (“Closure,” “÷”). Although “Blush” establishes, “Even though I like your honesty, it won’t lead me to your bed” …

The singer invites her crush to articulate his fantasies and go as far as they’re able (“Please take me under with you/But I will only let you go so far … You know what our boundaries are”). A line on “Like It or Leave It” states, “I’m worth all the crap that I’m putting you through.”

Sisters Alyson and Amanda Joy Michalka earned a Contemporary Inspirational Artist of the Year nomination for their last disc, Into the Rush. This bouncy pop collection isn’t inspirational at all. Still, except for two lapses, songs about boy-girl relationships avoid trouble.

This review came from It sounds like they liked it. I know I do! If you haven’t already…go check out my own personal review of it!

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The High Road

This 15-year-old reality-show discovery (America’s Most Talented Kid) — turned — platinum artist — turned — actress (RV) isn’t just another lightweight pop clone. She’s a vocal phenom, capable of Mariah Carey-style upper-register flourishes. And except for one ballistic Swizz Beatz track, her second CD is full of flirty grooves and the best songwriting a major-label budget can buy (hit single ”Too Little Too Late”). Like Britney and Xtina, a few tunes hint at precocious sexuality (”The Way You Do Me”), but The High Road is surprisingly elegant and understated.

This review came from Entertainment Weekly’s website (which I have a link to on my page). They promote the sexuality of the songs. I disagree with this promotion, but I agree that the songs are well written & she has a powerful voice!

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Taylor Swift

taylor2.jpgI LUV THIS CD! Taylor writes all of her own songs & plays guitar. She’s 17. All of her songs are inspired by her life…who she’s dating, her friends, stuff like that. If you’ve ever made her mad or sad, you can bet there’s a song written about you! She’s a good role model for teen girls, too! She does cuss on a couple of songs, but it’s only once or twice in a song…not bad for songs today. If you like Carrie Underwood & Sara Evans, you’ll love Taylor! I definitly recommend this CD to everyone! It makes me feel good everytime I listen to it!

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Boys Like Girls

blgcvr1.jpgI luv this band! Their tunes are catchy & so are their lyrics! They discuss relationships a lot on this album. My fave song is “The Great Escape”. It’s upbeat & gotta luv the no cussin’ aspect! I havn’t heard the whole album yet…but I have it so I will listen to the other like 2 or 3 songs soon. I recommend this album to people who like Swithcfoot or relient K. Hope y’all enjoy this album as much as I did!

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cococover1.jpgColbie Caillat’s debut album, Coco, is such a soothing CD! The guitars, her voice, the lyrics…they all just mesh so well! I’m a huge fan of acoustic stuff anyway, so when I heard her debut single, Bubbly, I knew this chick was for real! She has such a beautiful voice & the melodies are like lullabies! Overall, I would say that ages 10+ would enjoy this CD! I know I do! 

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insomcover11.jpgAly & AJ’s new CD, Insomniatic, is definitely more edgy than Into The Rush. They wrote all the songs themselves, as they did on their debut album. They have grown up a lot since then & it shows in their writing. Boyfriends are brought up on more than one occasion. I love the melodies they used on Potential Breakup Song. It’s a very catchy song! I think that this album is more grown up & parents should be cautioned on the “grown up” lyrics, but other than that, it’s a great CD!

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