Nacho Libre

nacho1.jpgI luv this movie! I got 2 watch it 3 times this past weekend w/ 1 of my best friends, Patty, so that just made the movie that much better! We laughed so much @ Jack Black’s character! I can’t imagine anyone but him playing that part! He is so funny & expressive! The movie is from the creators of Napoleon Dynamite so it’s pretty stupid, but so worth watching! The lines are very easy 2 learn 2 quote if you’re that kind of person…fyi I am. I luv the storyline & how it ends! The ending is probably the best part, but not the funniest! Patty’s fave line (it’s mine 2) is “Choncho, I need 2 borrow some sweats.” I think it’s just the way he says it that makes it so hilarious! I totally recommend this movie 2 everyone who liked Napoleon Dynamite since it was created by the same group of people. If you like Jack Black, you should see this movie! I think it’s one of his best! It’s rated PG b/c of the violence of the wrestling. Watching it w/ friends will make it that much better!


Napoleon Dynamite!

napdy1.jpgThis has to be the most pointless movie ever made!…but it’s hilarious! It has no plot whatsoever & to appreciate it’s stupidness, you have to watch it twice in a row. It’s rated PG. I suggest that if you don’t like stupid/funny movies that you don’t see this movie! You have to really appreciate stupid/funny things to get this movie. Enjoy!