High School Musical 2

3535.jpgWho’s surprised that there’s a sequel?!…not me! The first movie was such a hit that they decided to make another. It stars the same people but the setting is a bit different. Instead of a high school, the kids are all employees at a country club owned by Ryan & Sharpay’s parents. The whole movie is about the kids fighting over Troy becoming a different person, Troy & Gabriella breaking up, & then getting back together. Of course there are a ton of musical numbers…hence it’s name. They are definitely a bit more upbeat & have some meaning to them. They all get stuck in my head too easily! The wardrobe is a bit more “risque”…it’s kind of excusable since it is a summer setting. I actually prefer the second to the first. The story seems more original & it flows somewhat better than the first. It is funny & it brought out the child in me! I recommend this to anyone who saw the first one & whoever is a fan of the stars. Disney has once again created a cult classic with this series…by the way I hear there’s going to be a third one! Can’t wait to see it & review it!


High School Musical

hsm1.jpgOkay…I know what you’re thinking…the biggest cliche of a musical ever! Wrong! It’s like the new Grease…I’m serious! I have to admit that I actually kinda love these movies! I enjoy the songs and the hilariously stupid comedy styles they use. These movies also keep little girls I babysit occupied so I love them for that too! It stars Zac Efron as Troy, Vanessa (Anne) Hudgens as Gabriella, Ashley Tisdale as Sharpay, Lucas Grabeel as Ryan, Corbin Bleu as Chad, & Monique Coleman as Taylor. It’s a very pop, peppy musical about 2 high school kids who meet at a New Years party & fall “in love”. They eventually meet up at a high school in New Mexico…having no idea the other attended school there. The whole movie revolves around these six kids and their groups of friends competing to be in the winter musicale…as the drama teacher calls it. The songs are catchy, the acting is surprisingly good, and the story is captivating. I recommend this movie to fans of the Disney Channel & any of the stars of the movie. I think parents will enjoy this movie too!

Hairspray DVD

I got Hairspray on DVD for my birthday! I am so glad I got it! I only wish I would have gotten the DVD with all the special features because I love seeing how a movie was made. I know I’ve reviewed this movie already, but I haven’t reviewed the DVD yet. The version I have is just the movie & a DVD Rom link to the movie’s website. It also contains a list of the songs on the soundtrack. This movie is rated PG for some language. The special edition contains backstage interviews & making of featurettes.


hairspray1.jpgI decided that my first review would be on the movie/musical Hairspray! It was a well made & well casted musical. Some of the cast include: Zac Efron, Brittany Snow, Queen Latifa, & John Travolta. I loved the songs & the way they were performed! The director really seemed to capture the effect that the original Broadway musical focused on. I can understand why it was rated PG. There was some language. Overall, it was well scripted. I was kept very interested throughout the whole movie which is very good! It is about 2 hours long & well worth it…if you like musicals that is. I don’t think I would let a child under 10 see it because of the racism & some lyrics of the songs. They would not understand them. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes musicals, people standing up for what they believe, and just pure fun!