The Matrix

We had to watch this movie in Bible class. I know you’re probably wondering why…so I’m going to enlighten you. We were given a sheet of 2 different worldviews & what they believe. Finding them was our goal. After finding them we had to write a 4 page paper on them. It was pretty hard! Now that we’ve cleared it up, let’s get to the review shall we? It’s rated R for violence and language. It stars Keanu Reeves as Neo, Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus, Carrie-Ann Moss as Trinity, Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith, Gloria Foster as the Oracle, Joe Pantoliano as Cypher, Marcus Chong as Tank, Julian Arahanga as Apoc, Matt Doran as Mouse, Belinda McClory as Switch, and Anthony Ray Parker as Dozer. Neo is the alias that Thomas Anderson uses when hacking. He gets paid by people to hack and burn copies of different softwares. One day his computer starts typing by itself while Neo is sleeping. It tells him to “follow the white rabbit”. A minute later a knock on his door is heard. He answers it & it’s a group of people who purchased software from him. One of the girls turns around & you see a white rabbit tattoo on her shoulder. Neo follows as he’s told. They go to a club where he meets Trinity. She was sent by Morpheus to bring Neo to him. When they meet, Neo is given a choice of 2 pills…red or blue. One reveals the truth to him while the other returns him to his bed & he forgets everything. He takes the one that reveals the truth to him. He’s taken out of the Matrix & into the real world by processes that I don’t care to discuss because it is quite graphic and gross in parts. Morpheus then trains Neo using software that can be “downloaded” into the individual by shock treatment…that’s Tank’s job. If you die in the Matrix, you die in the real world. The rest of the movie, Neo tries to come to a higher knowledge that he is “the One”. There are some shooting scenes & some pretty awesome effects! It’s rated R for a reason though. The movie made me think! If you want to think, see this movie!

A Knight’s Tale

Wow! I really enjoyed this movie! Before a couple of weeks ago, I had not seen the movie since it came out. I remembered parts but not all of it. It stars Heath Ledger as Sir William Thatcher, Rufus Sewell as Count Adhemar, Shannyn Sossamon as Lady Jocelyn, Paul Bettany as Geoffrey, Laura Fraser as Kate, Mark Addy as Roland, Alan Tudyk as Wat Falhurst, Berenice Bejo as Christiana, Scott Handy as Germaine, James Purefoy as Sir Thomas, & Christopher Cazenove as John Thatcher. It’s rated PG-13 for violence & sex-related discussions. William is a squire who loves jousting & is very good at it. His “master” dies & he suddenly has no job…so he goes off with his 2 friends Roland & Wat. They meet this guy who gives William a fake family history so he can pull of knighthood. Since he’s good at jousting, he makes money which he needs. William then becomes Sir Ulrich von Lichtenstein. He has to keep up this act if he wants to joust because only men from noble or royal families competed in this sport. He falls in love with Lady Jocelyn during his travels. The rest of the movie is about him trying to win her over & how he does it is very sweet! You’ll have to see the movie to find out how he does it though because I’m not one to spoil endings. Enjoy!

The Last Mimzy

I was very impressed with this movie! I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it but I Loved It! It stars Chris O’Neil as Noah Wilder, Rhiannon Leigh Wryn as Emma Wilder, Joely Richardson as Jo Wilder, Richard Hutton as David Wilder, Rainn Wilson as Larry White, Kathryn Hahn as Naomi Scwhartz, & Michael Clarke Duncan as Nathanial Broadman. It was slow at first but then I really got into it! It’s about 2 kids who find a mysterious shaped box on the beach while on vacation. They open it up without telling anyone & all of a sudden they are geniuses! Emma finds a bunny called a Mimzy inside the box while her brother Noah is asleep. Mimzy teaches her things. She’s the last Mimzy that will ever be sent…hence the title. Mimzies have been sent back through time several times before to aid in research that goes on in the future but none have returned. The movie is very well written & worth seeing! It’s rated PG. It’s full of science fiction & some way out there ideas but it’s very interesting! I recommend this movie to people of all ages. Make sure kids understand that no one can travel time & that this is a fictional movie before allowing them to see it. Enjoy!

Nim’s Island

This movie is rated PG. It stars Abigail Breslin as Nim Rusoe, Gerard Butler as Jack Rusoe and Alex Rover, & Jodie Foster as Alexandra Rover. I absolutely loved this movie! It was funny, dramatic, & not as childish as I thought it was going to be. I enjoyed it very much! It’s about this girl (Nim) & her dad (Jack) who live on an island alone. Don’t worry, a supply ship brings them the essentials! It’s kept a secret from everyone except the ship’s crew…until Nim needs help from Alexandra. Nim is in love with books about Alex Rover. He’s adventurous & very much like Nim…which I believe is the reason she loves the books! She gets a surprise when the writer whose name is Alex Rover is actually a woman! Alexandra is quite the germaphobe & hates to leave her apartment! When Nim is in trouble she does however leave & finds Nim on her island. Jack gets lost at sea & from there I can’t really go into detail unless I want to give stuff away. I recommend this movie to all ages! It’s a great family movie with a great message!


This movie was…interesting to say the least. It stars James McAvoy as Robbie Turner, Keira Knightley as Cecilia Tallis, Saoirse Ronan as 13-Year-Old Briony Tallis, & Romola Garai as 18-Year-Old Briony Tallis. This movie is set in the mid 1930’s & continues on up through the 1940’s. It also skips to recent day in the end. It starts out with a HUGE misunderstanding! Briony…who’s 13 at the time…sees something that she takes as something totally different than it actually was. She then thinks that the guy both she & her older sister have a crush on, is a sex addict. He gets arrested eventually from someone lying about something. He’s then given a choice of prison or go into the army…he chooses the army. I can’t really tell you what happens next because that would totally ruin the rest of the movie! It was confusing at first but it got cleared up later on towards the end. Keep in mind that it is rated R for several reasons: sexual content & language. It’s definitely not for anyone under the age of 16 or 17 to see! You have to be very mature while watching it because it does contain some mature things!

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The Illusionist

2845.jpgI absolutely loved this movie! It stars Edward Norton as Eisenheim, Paul Giamatti as Chief Inspector Uhl, Jessica Biel as Duchess Sophie von Teschen, and Rufus Sewell as Crown Prince Leopold. It’s rated PG-13 for sexual content and some language. It fascinated me from the beginning. Sophie and Eisenheim were childhood friends who fell in love but then were forced apart. Eisenheim traveled the world for many years before they were reunited. He recognized her but she didn’t recognize him…at first. She is engaged to Crown Prince Leopold when they meet again but she doesn’t love Leopold. They fall in love again and spend the rest of the movie trying to escape the grasp of the Crown Prince. Sophie is murdered and the plot gets better from there. I can’t say anymore because I don’t want to spoil it. I recommend this movie to anyone interested in the art of illusion and also anyone who loves a good romantic storyline. Let me know your thoughts on it!

Michael Clayton

michael-clayton-poster.jpgThis was the most confusing movie I’ve ever seen! It stars George Clooney & is rated R for language & sexual references. It starts out with George’s character driving along & then parking on the side of the road. He gets out of his car & walks up the hill where 3 horses are standing. All of a sudden, his car blows up! That’s where the confusion began! After the explosion, the words “four days earlier” flash on the screen. I groaned. I hate it when movies or tv shows begin that way! Anyway, in one scene his son tells him about this book he had read. The book is brought up several times giving me the hint that the book is significant. I can’t really tell you about anything else or I may ruin it for you! I don’t really recommend it to anyone! Let me know your thoughts!