Spring Break

Over my spring break I had some fun & some time to just chill out. I came home from school on Friday & did nothing. It felt so good! Saturday I babysat & spent the night at Lori’s…whose kids I was keeping track of. Sunday we went to church since it was Easter…got new clothes for church too (what girl doesn’t love that?!). Monday I slept, watched movies & played with my dogs. Tuesday My best friend Marie came over. We got our hair cut together, went to see my mom, went to see Amanda, then went to Wal-Mart & Cato. She came to dinner with us too. It was such a fun day! Wednesday I didn’t feel that great. I had to babysit Jess during my illness because she too was sick…or so she said. Thursday I got to see my uncle who lives in Kentucky. He came in for a couple of days. It was so much fun! He has an awesome car! Dad & I cooked dinner that night…we made chicken. Yummy! Friday he, my dad, my grandma, & myself all went to Steve & Barry’s in Tanglewood then went to Michael’s by Valley View. After that we went to the Hub for dinner with the usual crowd that hangs there on Friday nights.  Saturday morning my uncle left…=*(. After he left, my dad dropped me off at the Hub for breakfast with my mom & our “family” as we always do on Saturday mornings. Marie picked me up on Saturday afternoon & we headed for her house. We went to the store for pizzas first though. We watched movies while Patty was out babysitting. When she got home, we went downstairs & laughed until 3 AM…no lie! Sunday we went to church…well I only stayed for Sunday School because my mom & her fiancee came to pick me up. After they picked me up, we went to Joe’s Pizza for their breakfast buffet that’s so good! Then we went to Wal-Mart. After that, they dropped me off at my house. I studied my verses & watched movies while they were at Chancie’s watching the race. That’s my entire Spring Break…not in a nutshell exactly. That’s such a detailed kind of play-by-play schedule of how my Spring Break went. I’m sorry if I bored you guys. Hope you all had a great break as well!


Plans for Spring Break

So during my spring break, I plan to clean my house! It’s so cluttered! My room is full of stuff that I don’t use anymore. I have no idea why I still have any of it anyway. I’m hoping to pack some boxes & move them to our rooms we use for storage upstairs to attempt having more room to walk & just hang out with friends in my room! I really need to start getting ready for Marie to move in with me too so I hope that I’ll have some time over our break to prepare for that interesting road I’m about to travel.

I’m hoping to also read some. I don’t really have much time to read anymore. I’m reading this book called Way to Live: Christian Practices for Teens. It’s a great book! (I’ll try to review it when I’m finished with it) I’m still reading the third book in the Twilight series too. It’s taking forever because I have a lot on my mind lately & just can’t seem to focus!

This is probably going to sound so cliche but I really hope I will have time over the break to learn to pray. I really struggle with that and I know I don’t pray enough in any way! This past month I’ve grown closer to God & I hope to use some of my free time to grow even closer to Him. I can honestly say that God is good & I can’t imagine how I ever lived without Him! I have learned that prayer isn’t just asking for what you want, but listening to what God has to say & pouring out every desire you have to Him.

To summerize…over the break I want to grow closer to God & get ready for my best friend to move in with me. Hope everyone has a great Easter & spring break!

The Home Stretch

So what I expect out of this final quarter of my senior year in high school is pretty intense! I want to keep all As & Bs on my report card & hopefully have some A averages in classes so I won’t have to take the finals. I hope to work more on college things & become more responsible so I’ll be ready for life on my own. Hopefully the house will be fixed up & ready for Marie to move in soon! That’s another main focus I have. Pretty much all I want out of this last 9 weeks is to focus on school, family, friends, & my relationship with God. Sounds pretty easy…right? I hope it will be easier than I think it’s going to be! God will help me throught it though…He always does!

Huckabee for President…Please!

I am really hoping that Huckabee becomes the Republican candidate for President this election! I think that he would make a great leader for our country! Being a minister & a Bible-believing Christian, it’s just what this country needs! God has been put on the back burner for many years! I was hoping that Bush would help bring God back more than he has. Maybe if Huckabee becomes the next President, God will be brought back…I can only hope & pray! Please if you don’t know who to vote for, do research! If you haven’t registered to vote, please do! It’s a very important privilege we as Americans have! Thanks for reading this blog & I hope everyone will vote in November!

And So Begins Chapter 2

08.jpgWow! Where to begin…the 2nd semester of school is going to be very important for me as a senior. I’ll have to pay closer attention in classes and study harder for tests so I can hopefully pass all my classes and be able to graduate! I don’t play sports so that won’t get in the way. I’m going to try to maintain an A in every class so I won’t have to take the finals! They are so stressful!

Hopefully this semester I’ll be getting a car! My mom has to bring me to school every day. It’s very hard on both of us! Also, I hope to find a job. I may not be able to handle a job and school right now though. Focusing will be very difficult if I do have to work and have school every day until 3. It would be easier if I was only going a half day, but I want that Advanced Diploma!

There really aren’t any big events coming up except the whole job/car thing except GRADUATION!!!!! I can’t wait! I’m nervous and excited at the same time. I just want to pass all my classes with at least Bs…I want As though! I will try and focus more on school this semester. Senioritis is very common around here right now. We all want out but I think we are all very nervous about college! I know I am! That’s about all for my outlook on the 2nd half of this year. Thanks for reading this! Comments are appreciated!

If I Could Change 1 Thing About Thanksgiving…

…it would be…um…I probably would have taken more pictures & not been so tired! I went to bed late the night before because I cooked until late. I didn’t get to take as many pictures as I wanted because everyone was never in the same place at the same time. I still had a lot of fun with my soon-to-be-step family. They are so cool! It’s so weird how I’m closer to my mom’s fiance’s family than my own! They have become my family these past 4 years since the separation & I’m thankful for them! I did get to take several pictures of the Allee family. They are so fun to be around! They have 7 kids whose names all start with “A”. Amber, Andrew, Ashleigh, Alyssa, Adison, Abram, & now Abigail, who is only 2 weeks old, are the coolest kids ever! We had so much fun! I didn’t get to take pictures of Abigail which I would definitely change! She is such a cute baby! Oh well, I will see them all at Christmas I hope.

I Just Don’t Have Time To Do That

Using a weekly schedule, we figured out how each of us spend our days. We used an Excel spreadsheet & plotted our sleep time plus our other activities. Mine included: sleep, school, fun, getting ready, church, & going to breakfast with friends & family on weekends.

The top 3 activites that took up my schedule were: sleeping, school, & having fun outside of school. I wasn’t very specific with the fun stuff I do because pretty much everything I do is fun to me!

I wasn’t really surprised with the results because I’m used to what I do & how much I do everything. I will try & spend more time with my family & friends. I don’t get to do that very often but when I do, it’s so fun! I will try & get more sleep as well. I know it says that I get 8-9 hours a night, but with 2 dogs sleeping with me, that’s impossible!