Info About Me…

My name is Keelie. I am 17. I absolutely LOVE music, movies, and books! I go to a small Christian school…CHA…and it rocks! Hopefully I will go on to produce music and movies since they are a HUGE part of my life!

In this blog, I will be reviewing various cds, movies, and books. I will give my opinions on if the cd, movie, or book is appropriate for younger audiences. Describing the author or actor may also play a role in my reviews. Pictures and videos will hopefully help me get my point across more clearly as well. I hope y’all enjoy!


5 Responses to “Info About Me…”

  1. bakerista Says:

    I think I go to school with you?? Haha, you are ONLY my BESTEST PAL!!!


    I wuv you!

  2. kmjreviews Says:

    aw! how sweet! u’r my BESTEST PAL 2! <3ya bunches!

  3. bakerista Says:

    i love you more…:)

  4. raxgond Says:

    I just noticed this page existed.

    You can’t comment on my “About Me” page. >:)

  5. bibomedia Says:


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