This movie was…interesting to say the least. It stars James McAvoy as Robbie Turner, Keira Knightley as Cecilia Tallis, Saoirse Ronan as 13-Year-Old Briony Tallis, & Romola Garai as 18-Year-Old Briony Tallis. This movie is set in the mid 1930’s & continues on up through the 1940’s. It also skips to recent day in the end. It starts out with a HUGE misunderstanding! Briony…who’s 13 at the time…sees something that she takes as something totally different than it actually was. She then thinks that the guy both she & her older sister have a crush on, is a sex addict. He gets arrested eventually from someone lying about something. He’s then given a choice of prison or go into the army…he chooses the army. I can’t really tell you what happens next because that would totally ruin the rest of the movie! It was confusing at first but it got cleared up later on towards the end. Keep in mind that it is rated R for several reasons: sexual content & language. It’s definitely not for anyone under the age of 16 or 17 to see! You have to be very mature while watching it because it does contain some mature things!

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  1. notkelly Says:

    I love this movie!! the start of it is a little um well different but it turns out to be a great love story. I really enjoyed it1 and the ending is the best part!!

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