eclipse.jpgOhmygosh! Definitely my fave of the 3 books out so far! It was exciting & kept me interested! I almost didn’t want it to end because the 4th book in the series doesn’t come out until August 2 of this year! That’s a long wait to find out what happens next to Edward, Bella, & the rest of the vamps! In this book, Bella is pretty much torn between Edward & Jacob. It’s pretty much a battle between the boys for Bella’s love as well. I can’t go into much detail because it could spoil EVERYTHING! I can say that we meet new werewolves & vamps. It isn’t a great situation that we meet them in but it’s very exciting to say the least! If you’ve read the first 2…you HAVE to read this one! By book 2 I was totally hooked! I can’t stop wondering what will happen next! I have my thoughts about Bella’s future with Edward & what will happen to them in the 4th book. I think I’m addicted! I totally recommend this book & the entire series to anyone who loves romance & vampires! I enjoyed this book & hope all those who read it will too!


7 Responses to “Eclipse”

  1. notkelly Says:

    i told you it was good!! it took you loing enough to finish it though! But it was worth it huh…. I had so much fun today girlie! we have to do that more before you guys graduate and leave me!! well luv ya

  2. kmjreviews Says:

    yes we do! glad u had fun! luv the new icon u hav…orly & johnny…hot girl! btw…i may b graduating but u won’t get rid of me that easily! lol! luv ya 2!

  3. bakerista Says:

    haha we all had a BLAST! “everybody look” and rubber dust fight! LOL good times! i’m gonna bring u all rubber dust if it stops raining!!! 🙂 i am gonna HAVE to read these books b/c i hear so much about it all! lol take care ❤

  4. bikergirl112 Says:

    yes amanda, u r gunna have to read the books!! they are so good!! now we all have something to tell everybody… we had our 1st rubber dust fight!!! lol….. that was funny!!

  5. bakerista Says:

    woohoo! as soon as this rain stops i’m gonna bring you ALL some AWESOME rubber dust baggies! hehe…we may just HAVE to do it again 😉 i’m sure SOME of you want to come by again?!?! LOL luv y’all!

  6. bikergirl112 Says:

    oh yes!!! u kno that we do!!! and not for what u think… lol… i only did that the 1st time cuz i had never seen him!! lol…i think keelie wants to see that yellow hat again!!

  7. VOLVO OWNER Says:

    Im glad you like the book! SO do I! you have done a swell job on your twilight/eclispe website!!! And I cant wait for the Movie I have a lot of photos of the movie being filmed as welll-call me obssessed but most twilight fans are.

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