Spring Break

Over my spring break I had some fun & some time to just chill out. I came home from school on Friday & did nothing. It felt so good! Saturday I babysat & spent the night at Lori’s…whose kids I was keeping track of. Sunday we went to church since it was Easter…got new clothes for church too (what girl doesn’t love that?!). Monday I slept, watched movies & played with my dogs. Tuesday My best friend Marie came over. We got our hair cut together, went to see my mom, went to see Amanda, then went to Wal-Mart & Cato. She came to dinner with us too. It was such a fun day! Wednesday I didn’t feel that great. I had to babysit Jess during my illness because she too was sick…or so she said. Thursday I got to see my uncle who lives in Kentucky. He came in for a couple of days. It was so much fun! He has an awesome car! Dad & I cooked dinner that night…we made chicken. Yummy! Friday he, my dad, my grandma, & myself all went to Steve & Barry’s in Tanglewood then went to Michael’s by Valley View. After that we went to the Hub for dinner with the usual crowd that hangs there on Friday nights.  Saturday morning my uncle left…=*(. After he left, my dad dropped me off at the Hub for breakfast with my mom & our “family” as we always do on Saturday mornings. Marie picked me up on Saturday afternoon & we headed for her house. We went to the store for pizzas first though. We watched movies while Patty was out babysitting. When she got home, we went downstairs & laughed until 3 AM…no lie! Sunday we went to church…well I only stayed for Sunday School because my mom & her fiancee came to pick me up. After they picked me up, we went to Joe’s Pizza for their breakfast buffet that’s so good! Then we went to Wal-Mart. After that, they dropped me off at my house. I studied my verses & watched movies while they were at Chancie’s watching the race. That’s my entire Spring Break…not in a nutshell exactly. That’s such a detailed kind of play-by-play schedule of how my Spring Break went. I’m sorry if I bored you guys. Hope you all had a great break as well!


2 Responses to “Spring Break”

  1. bakerista Says:

    I miss spring break 😦 and good grief–senioritis is HORRIBLE!!! LOL
    i’m so glad u guys came to see “me” but now i know y’all’s ulterior motives!!! SNEAKY SNEAKY!

  2. kmjreviews Says:

    we really did come 2 c u! i PROMISE! it was just a plus that something else happened…lol! =) don’t hurt me 4 that comment btw…plz…

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