Plans for Spring Break

So during my spring break, I plan to clean my house! It’s so cluttered! My room is full of stuff that I don’t use anymore. I have no idea why I still have any of it anyway. I’m hoping to pack some boxes & move them to our rooms we use for storage upstairs to attempt having more room to walk & just hang out with friends in my room! I really need to start getting ready for Marie to move in with me too so I hope that I’ll have some time over our break to prepare for that interesting road I’m about to travel.

I’m hoping to also read some. I don’t really have much time to read anymore. I’m reading this book called Way to Live: Christian Practices for Teens. It’s a great book! (I’ll try to review it when I’m finished with it) I’m still reading the third book in the Twilight series too. It’s taking forever because I have a lot on my mind lately & just can’t seem to focus!

This is probably going to sound so cliche but I really hope I will have time over the break to learn to pray. I really struggle with that and I know I don’t pray enough in any way! This past month I’ve grown closer to God & I hope to use some of my free time to grow even closer to Him. I can honestly say that God is good & I can’t imagine how I ever lived without Him! I have learned that prayer isn’t just asking for what you want, but listening to what God has to say & pouring out every desire you have to Him.

To summerize…over the break I want to grow closer to God & get ready for my best friend to move in with me. Hope everyone has a great Easter & spring break!


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