The Home Stretch

So what I expect out of this final quarter of my senior year in high school is pretty intense! I want to keep all As & Bs on my report card & hopefully have some A averages in classes so I won’t have to take the finals. I hope to work more on college things & become more responsible so I’ll be ready for life on my own. Hopefully the house will be fixed up & ready for Marie to move in soon! That’s another main focus I have. Pretty much all I want out of this last 9 weeks is to focus on school, family, friends, & my relationship with God. Sounds pretty easy…right? I hope it will be easier than I think it’s going to be! God will help me throught it though…He always does!


One Response to “The Home Stretch”

  1. bakerista Says:

    I think the only thing we can say about this final quarter is “STRESS”!! Glad we are in it together! You are a great encourager and help keep me focused! That “senioritis” starts to kick in every once in awhile but you keep me on guard 🙂 thanks girl! ❤

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