Michael Clayton

michael-clayton-poster.jpgThis was the most confusing movie I’ve ever seen! It stars George Clooney & is rated R for language & sexual references. It starts out with George’s character driving along & then parking on the side of the road. He gets out of his car & walks up the hill where 3 horses are standing. All of a sudden, his car blows up! That’s where the confusion began! After the explosion, the words “four days earlier” flash on the screen. I groaned. I hate it when movies or tv shows begin that way! Anyway, in one scene his son tells him about this book he had read. The book is brought up several times giving me the hint that the book is significant. I can’t really tell you about anything else or I may ruin it for you! I don’t really recommend it to anyone! Let me know your thoughts! 


2 Responses to “Michael Clayton”

  1. Marie Says:

    i so agree with you!!! this was the most confuseing movie i had ever seen!!!

  2. notkelly Says:

    Well i thought i really could have been better. Its like you wait for the good part and then i comes and it turns out to be the end. No real high point in it at all. But George Clooney!!! ha ha
    luv ya !! 🙂

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