Carrie Underwood & Keith Urban

450px-croppedcarrieunderwoodattheworldarena.jpgkeith_urban.jpgSo I went to see Carrie Underwood & Keith Urban in concert on February 16th. They were awesome! We didn’t stay for the whole concert though. Keith’s sound was up way too loud! Carrie’s was good though. Carrie sang all of her singles from her debut album Some Hearts and most of the songs from her newest release Carnival Ride. She had 5 outfits during her set. The dress she came out in for her hit single “Jesus Take The Wheel” was breathtaking! It was blue & gorgeous! We only stayed for maybe 5 of Keith’s songs. He sang “Stupid Boy”…which is my favorite song of his…and several other songs from his newest CD Love, Pain and the Whole Crazy Thing. It was a great concert! If only the sound would have been adjusted better, it would have been a much more pleasant time. I loved it anyway!


One Response to “Carrie Underwood & Keith Urban”

  1. bakerista Says:

    Sounds awesome. You should put some pics up on here!

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