Some Movies I Really Want To See

Here are some recent & some upcoming releases that I can’t wait to see: Definitely, Maybe; Jumper; The Spiderwick Chronicles; Step Up 2; Fool’s Gold; Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins; & College Road Trip. I hope everyone has a great weekend & if I see any of these movies this weekend I’ll be sure to review them soon!

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6 Responses to “Some Movies I Really Want To See”

  1. raxgond Says:

    Oh! I want to see The Spiderwick Chronicles too! You should go see that and review it for me so that I may know whether to see it or not.

  2. bakerista Says:

    we should go together!

  3. mauthor Says:

    i don’t think you should waste your money on “jumper” and “fool’s gold”.The Reviews said that they are terrible movies. Check out my blog, and see my recent posting of Top 10 movie of 2007.

  4. notkelly Says:

    i want to see fool’s gold and now step up 2.. thanks to you.

  5. kmjreviews Says:

    u r very welcome! lol! we should go c it 2gether! we havn’t been 2 a movie n 4evr girl!

  6. bikergirl112 Says:

    well i can tell u bout Spiderwick Chronicles…. it was really weird… but if u r in2 that stuff its not that bad….. i woldnt go c it again tho…. but thats just my opinion….. but i do want to see Fool’s Gold!!! i cant wait till i see it!! u so have to see that one and review it so i kno if i still want to see it…but i think that i will….. lol

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