The Grammys!

grammy.jpgThe Grammys aired last night (February 10, 2008). I was happy with some of the winners & not so happy with others. Amy Winehouse took home 5 awards which included Record & Song of the Year for “Rehab”. Kanye West took home 4 Grammys including Best Rap Album for his CD Graduation. His acceptance for that award came across to me as very conceited & uncalled for. I was very disappointed that Best New Artist went to Amy Winehouse instead of my pick Taylor Swift. Paramore was my second pick for that category. I was very happy to see that Michael Buble won Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album for his CD Call Me Irresponsible. I’m a huge fan of his! For a complete list of the winners and nominees go to You can also get information on the Grammy Foundation and the Recording Academy.


2 Responses to “The Grammys!”

  1. bakerista Says:

    I saw all the winners listed in the paper yesterday in this TINY print. I read some of them. Some were quite interesting and surprising.

  2. raxgond Says:

    I hate Kanye West. I heard one of his songs, and it was idiotic.

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