Dogtown & Z-Boys

dogtownz-boysposter1.jpgIt’s not often that I can sit & watch a documentary but for reasons I’ll explain, this one did. I have always been interested in skateboarding and its history. This documentary tells how some street kids became the sparks that ignited the sport. It’s directed & co-written by Stacy Peralta, an original Z-boy. He co-wrote it with Craig Stecyk, the photographer for the Z-boys. It starts out explaining how the Jeff Ho & Zephyr Surfboard Productions shop began & how influential it was on kids in the late 60’s & early to mid 70’s. Skip Engblom & Jeff Ho opened the shop & soon Craig Stecyk became the painter for their custom surfboards. Santa Monica is known for being a tough locals only spot in California & it showed in the water & on land. As the film goes on, interviews of each member of the Zephyr Surf Team are shown. Finally, it gets into the Zephyr Skate Team. They explain how skateboarding had fizzled out in the 60’s & goes on from there. Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta, & Jay “Jay Boy” Adams are just a few of the original Z-boys who were interviewed. It’s rated PG-13 for language & some drug & alcohol references. If you’re into skateboarding & surfing or even history, see this documentary! It opened my eyes to just how influential kids can be in the world!


3 Responses to “Dogtown & Z-Boys”

  1. vickyco Says:

    good good!

  2. Mrs. Griffith Says:

    Keelie, you know more about popular culture than anyone I know! 🙂 I miss you!

  3. kmjreviews Says:

    well i don’t know that much about pop culture but since i want to be in the music industry i feel like knowing music is kind of a have to do thing. i’m also a big fan of movies so that’s why i chose to do my blog for computer class on these things. thanks for the comment mrs. griffith! i miss being in your classes!

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