The Bucket List

3589.jpgThis movie moved me to tears! It stars Jack Nicholson as Edward Cole, Morgan Freeman as Carter Chambers, Beverly Todd as Virginia Chambers, and Sean Hayes as Thomas. It’s rated PG-13. It had some language but not as much as I was expecting for a Jack Nicholson movie. It starts off in a court room. You see Edward Cole and his lawyer defending their hospital chain. Edward owns hospitals and is a very rich man. Let’s just say that what happens in that courtroom puts Edward in the hospital. He’s placed in a room with Carter. They both have cancer and are dying. Carter was writing on a legal pad one day and Edward noticed. Like any other person would have done, he asked what Carter was writing. Carter refused to tell Edward specifics…he told him it was scribbles. The next day, Edward’s assistant Thomas found it balled up on the floor and Edward asked him to read it. It was labeled “The Bucket List”. Carter was very upset and embarassed that Edward had seen it. He finally accepted that fact and dropped it. Soon after, Edward suggested that when they get out of the hospital that they do everything on that list before they “kick the bucket”. Carter agrees after much contemplation but his family is very upset that he traveled the world instead of spending time with them. I don’t want to spoil the ending but I totally lost it! I recommend this movie to anyone who is a thinker and anyone who is a fan of Jack or Morgan. I loved this movie and hope you will too!

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2 Responses to “The Bucket List”

  1. bakerista Says:

    This doesn’t sound all that fascinating to me. Think i’m with ryan on it…don’t think i’ll go see it

  2. raxgond Says:

    A “bucket list”? Ahahahaha! -pointlaughs, and then pretends to fall over-

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