New Moon

newmoon2.jpgOkay…I read this book in no time flat! It was totally amazing! The story kept me interested! I of course have fallen in love with Edward & Jacob both. They seem to be the perfect guys! When I finished the first book, I felt like if I had to choose between the two, I would pick Edward, but after reading this book, I’m so confused as who I would choose! I love where she takes the characters in this book. It’s far better than what I hoped for in a sequel! I look forward to reading the rest of the series and anything else Stephenie writes! She seems to be very talented and is very blessed by God! She got the inspiration to write this book by reading another great writer’s book…Romeo & Juliet…go figure! I have links to Stephenie’s website & also the website for the Twilight Saga on my page. Check them both out if you love the books! Also, I will hopefully be done reading the third book soon & have a review up soon too. Check back for it!


One Response to “New Moon”

  1. raxgond Says:

    Is this the second book? I never read Twilight because… well… I heard it had a lot of romance in it. (Ick. Booooring.)

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