High School Musical 2

3535.jpgWho’s surprised that there’s a sequel?!…not me! The first movie was such a hit that they decided to make another. It stars the same people but the setting is a bit different. Instead of a high school, the kids are all employees at a country club owned by Ryan & Sharpay’s parents. The whole movie is about the kids fighting over Troy becoming a different person, Troy & Gabriella breaking up, & then getting back together. Of course there are a ton of musical numbers…hence it’s name. They are definitely a bit more upbeat & have some meaning to them. They all get stuck in my head too easily! The wardrobe is a bit more “risque”…it’s kind of excusable since it is a summer setting. I actually prefer the second to the first. The story seems more original & it flows somewhat better than the first. It is funny & it brought out the child in me! I recommend this to anyone who saw the first one & whoever is a fan of the stars. Disney has once again created a cult classic with this series…by the way I hear there’s going to be a third one! Can’t wait to see it & review it!


2 Responses to “High School Musical 2”

  1. raxgond Says:

    Don’t think I’d like this series. :/

  2. Luana Says:

    I loveeeeeeeeeeee so much HSM2 and HSM, Hannah Montana, Harry Potter…
    I’m from brasil.

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