P.S. I Love You

p-s-i-love-you-poster-0.jpgThis movie is rated PG-13 for language & some “mature” content. It stars Hilary Swank as Holly, Gerard Butler as Gerry (Holly’s husband), Lisa Kudrow as Denise, Harry Connick Jr. as Daniel, Gina Gershon as Sharon, and Kathy Bates as Patricia (Holly’s mom). This was a good movie overall. It was a bit long, but it almost had to be for the story to pan out well. The actors seemed to connect very well together. There were some hilarious scenes and some tear-jerkers as well. Holly and Gerry have been married for quite some time & they both want children, but aren’t sure if they can handle everything according to their lifestyles. They have their argument then make up…all before the credits start to roll. When the credits end, it cuts to a bar where a funeral is being held. There’s Irish folk songs playing in the background & people standing around being sad. You see that it’s Gerry’s funeral they are attending. He was Irish…he & Holly met in Ireland. He knew he was going to die of cancer, so he wrote letters to Holly before he died. He arranged to have them delivered to her at different times throughout a year knowing it would be hard for her to get over him. The whole movie revolves around those letters. Gerry tells Holly things to do in those letters & she’s supposed to do them…without objection. She eventually travels to Ireland & from there I can’t tell anything because it could ruin the movie for you. I recommend this movie to any chick-flick loving person…female or male ( I know there are some men out there whose wives will make them see it), but please be over 13 when you see it…it gets a tad inappropriate at times.


3 Responses to “P.S. I Love You”

  1. bakerista Says:

    Sounds like a sweet movie but the “mature” and inappropriateness sounds like it went a bit overboard? am i right?
    sounds like an awesome chick flick!
    thanks for the review!
    i love reading these on the movies i don’t get to see 🙂

  2. raxgond Says:

    Eww. Sounds like of no interest to me.

  3. notkelly Says:

    is owhat to see this movie!!! i love chick flicks!!

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