Right Now…

newmoon1.jpg…I’m reading New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. It’s the sequel to Twilight. So far it’s been very intriguing! I read 9 or 10 chapters on the day I started it! There have been some surprising things happening in this book that I want to say but I don’t want to give anything away. Let’s just say that Bella is going through a bunch of difficult things in her life & only 1 person is able to keep her…sane. I will be giving a full review when I finish. As of right now, I’m a little more than half-way done with the book & I’ve been sucked in! These books are incredible! If anyone has a chance, they need to read these! They are long but so worth it!


2 Responses to “Right Now…”

  1. raxgond Says:

    That’s the book everyone’s reading about the girl and the vampire, right?

  2. kmjreviews Says:

    yeah…sure is! it’s such a great series! i’m working on a full review of this book right now. check back for it!

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