Hairspray DVD

I got Hairspray on DVD for my birthday! I am so glad I got it! I only wish I would have gotten the DVD with all the special features because I love seeing how a movie was made. I know I’ve reviewed this movie already, but I haven’t reviewed the DVD yet. The version I have is just the movie & a DVD Rom link to the movie’s website. It also contains a list of the songs on the soundtrack. This movie is rated PG for some language. The special edition contains backstage interviews & making of featurettes.


2 Responses to “Hairspray DVD”

  1. bakerista Says:

    Sounds like you had an awesome filled birthday!! I really enjoyed Applebee’s! You’re lucky things worked out and everything! NOTHING ever works for me! LOL Maybe it was for the best! Thanks for putting up with me today! LOL


    ❤ sue sue

  2. raxgond Says:

    -gets an odd mental image when you say the word hairspray-….

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