enchanted.jpgWe went to see “Enchanted”, the new movie from Disney, yesterday. I loved it! It’s rated PG…not sure why though. It stars Amy Adams as Giselle, Patrick Dempsey as Robert, James Marsden as Prince Edward, Susan Sarandon as Queen Narissa, Timothy Spall as Nathanial, and Rachel Covey as Morgan. It was directed by Kevin Lima who also directed “Tarzan” and “102 Dalmations”. I loved how it started out. All you see is a book on a stand…classic Disney intro. It has a bunch of spoofs from other Disney movies in it. You don’t even really have to pay very close attention to see the spoofs either…which I liked. The perfect balance of Disney romance & comedy was shown. Definitely a great movie! I recommend this movie to Disney fans everywhere! Hope y’all enjoy it as much as I did! Let me know your thought on the movie!


2 Responses to “Enchanted”

  1. vickyco Says:

    I lovvveeeeeeeeedddddddd this movie!! it was sooo hilarious!

  2. notkelly Says:

    i so want to see this movie!! is it still in theaters? well it will be coming out soon if it was that good so i will definatly rent it or buy it !

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