Bee Movie

bee1.jpgThis is the movie that I was supposed to go see with my friends & their youth group but that didn’t work out. I did however get to see it the next day. It was better than I was expecting but not my fave movie ever. It was very anti-human in ways though. It had funny elements & some very odd elements…talking bees that can also talk to humans…weird! It stars Jerry Seinfeld & Renee Zellweger. They are very expressive & are very believable as a bee & a human. They expressed emotion very well through their voices. I was impressed by the animation as well. Some parts when the bees were flying, it felt like I was flying with them! That was pretty cool! It’s rated PG for some crude humor. I recommend this movie to anyone who liked Shrek or any Pixar film. I don’t recommend seeing it in theaters because it wasn’t that great, but definitly rent it when it comes out on DVD…it’s at least worth that much!


3 Responses to “Bee Movie”

  1. raxgond Says:

    Crude humor.

    What a waste of film. >_<

    Shrek was so perverted…

  2. notkelly Says:

    ha i loved this movie.. but your right not worth seeing in theaters though. jerry seinfield was awsome in this movie!! pretty funny

    luv ya girl

  3. kmjreviews Says:

    thanx 4 the comment girly! luv ya 2!

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