Waiting On The World To Change

mayer1.jpgThe worldview team analyzed this song in their lecture, but I think that they may have interpreted it wrong. There is only 1 way to know for sure what John Mayer sang about…ASK THE WRITER! I think this song is very catchy & he brings up some valid points in it. The music gets stuck in my head very easily & I think that’s what makes a well-written song. When he talks about waiting for the world to change its ways, he didn’t mean that it was going to change. In a live performance of the song he actually changed the lyrics to say that “we’re NOT waiting on the world to change”…meaning that he realized the world wasn’t going to change anytime soon if at all. If you have any opinions on the song that you want me to hear, leave a comment. Thanks for reading this!

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2 Responses to “Waiting On The World To Change”

  1. Mrs. Griffith Says:

    I have been having a good time today reading all of your blogs, and just enjoying seeing each you evaluate things, like you evaluated this song. I hope that you all realize what a gift you have been given in getting to take part in this conference! And I hope you will be evaluating all the songs, movies, and shows like you did this one. Great job, Keelie!

  2. raxgond Says:

    I agree! No-one ever knows the true meaning of the songs BUT the author, whatever the heck we interpret them as.

    I don’t like this song, but I don’t think people should judge songs so harshly as to categorize them as “bad” or “good.”

    Besides, I thought he was being sarcastic in the song. o-o;

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