Hey Everybody!

Just wanted 2 give yall a heads up on my next few blog posts. I just bought Carrie Underwood’s new CD Carnival Ride so I’ll be reviewing it soon. Friday I am hopefully going 2 see The Ten Commandments with 2 of my best friends & their youth group so I’ll review that soon as well. I will also review Nacho Libre….I got 2 watch it 3 times this past weekend w/ Patty (fun times!) as soon as I can. Let me know if there are any movies or songs yall want me 2 review & I’ll try to do it! Thanx & God Bless!

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3 Responses to “Hey Everybody!”

  1. bakerista Says:

    This great girl gave me this CD for my birthday and it is so good! I will do my own mini review here! It’s really good although some of the songs I think she sings “too much??” how do i word that? anyways it’s still really good! i especially liked wheel of the world. ~bakerista reviews!~ 😉

  2. kmjreviews Says:

    i totally get what u’r saying! she kind of “over sings” & it comes out as “shouting & screaming”…thanx 4 the lil’ mini review!

  3. raxgond Says:

    Hey, Keelsters.

    Could you use a little more proper grammar?

    It’s kind of hard to read. >_<;

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