The High Road

This 15-year-old reality-show discovery (America’s Most Talented Kid) — turned — platinum artist — turned — actress (RV) isn’t just another lightweight pop clone. She’s a vocal phenom, capable of Mariah Carey-style upper-register flourishes. And except for one ballistic Swizz Beatz track, her second CD is full of flirty grooves and the best songwriting a major-label budget can buy (hit single ”Too Little Too Late”). Like Britney and Xtina, a few tunes hint at precocious sexuality (”The Way You Do Me”), but The High Road is surprisingly elegant and understated.

This review came from Entertainment Weekly’s website (which I have a link to on my page). They promote the sexuality of the songs. I disagree with this promotion, but I agree that the songs are well written & she has a powerful voice!

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3 Responses to “The High Road”

  1. hayatekaze Says:

    heyy how’ya doin?
    Hm, idk if I’ve ever heard any of her music but that just tells you what the ppl of today are after; i mean Entertainment Weekly’s obv. promotion of sexuality.
    anyway, ttyl! Nice review once again =D

  2. raxgond Says:

    What genre are her songs?

  3. kmjreviews Says:

    i guess u could consider her hip-hop but i’m not sure.

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