Movie Trailers

I watched some movie trailers online tonight & just wanted to tell y’all about them.

The first one was Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. It’s directed by Tim Burton & Johnny Depp stars in it as Sweeny Todd. It was originally a Broadway musical & now it has come to life thanks to Tim Burton! Sweeny Todd is a murderer/barber who slits the throats of his victims then pulls a lever & down they go into into his basement. I don’t recommend little children see this because of the murder and blood scenes…duh! I didn’t notice what it’s rated but my bet is PG-13 or R for the violence.

P.S. I Love You is the next trailer I watched. It stars Hilary Swank & Kathy Bates. It’s a romantic drama. Hilary’s character falls in love with the man of her dreams then he dies! But before he dies he has this trip to Ireland all planned out. During the film she does whatever the previously written letters tell her. They are all signed P.S. I Love You…hence the movie title. I think it was rated PG-13 but I’ll find out for sure & post it.

The last is the sequel to National Treasure. I don’t remember it’s full title though…sorry, I’ll post it later as well. The film is about John Wilkes Booth. They find a corner of a page from his journal & the story progresses from there. Nicholas Cage is once again the lead role. Rated PG…should be a great fam movie!

Enjoy the reviews! I’ll post more details later on! Thanx for reading them!

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  2. kmjreviews Says:

    i love his movies! they are pretty gross sometimes but the man is a directing genius!

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