Tattoo by Jordin Sparks

jordinsparks1.jpgHere are the lyrics to 1 of my fave songs out now:

Verse 1: No matter what ya say about love I keep comin’ back for more Keep my hand in the fire Sooner or later, I get what I’m askin’ for No matter what ya say about life I learn every time I bleed The truth is a stranger, soul is in danger I gotta let my spirit be free To admit that I’m wrong and then change my mind Sorry, but I have to move on and leave you behind Chorus: I can’t waste time so give it a moment I realize nothing’s broken No need to worry about everything I’ve done Live every second like it was my last one Don’t look back at a new direction I loved you once, needed protection You’re still a part of everything I do You’re on my heart just like a tattoo Just like a tattoo, I’ll always have you Verse 2: I’m sick of playin’ all of these games It’s not about takin’ sides When I looked in the mirror, didn’t deliver It hurt enough to think that I could stop, Admit that I’m wrong and then change my mind Sorry, but I’ve gotta be strong and leave you behind Chorus Bridge: If I live every moment, won’t change any moment There’s still a part of me in you I will never regret you, still the memory of you Marks everything I do, oh Chorus 2x

Hope y’all like the song! Jordin rocks!


4 Responses to “Tattoo by Jordin Sparks”

  1. bakerista Says:

    Is this the Jordan Sparks from American Idol???

  2. kmjreviews Says:

    it sure is! i luv the song! hope u will 2!

  3. bakerista Says:

    me thoughts i was right 🙂

  4. raxgond Says:

    Oh! I’ve heard that song before. I thought it was pretty. ^^

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