Taylor Swift

taylor2.jpgI LUV THIS CD! Taylor writes all of her own songs & plays guitar. She’s 17. All of her songs are inspired by her life…who she’s dating, her friends, stuff like that. If you’ve ever made her mad or sad, you can bet there’s a song written about you! She’s a good role model for teen girls, too! She does cuss on a couple of songs, but it’s only once or twice in a song…not bad for songs today. If you like Carrie Underwood & Sara Evans, you’ll love Taylor! I definitly recommend this CD to everyone! It makes me feel good everytime I listen to it!

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5 Responses to “Taylor Swift”

  1. bakerista Says:

    isn’t she 17? anyways, she’s a great singer! so is Carrie Underwood and Sara Evans! 🙂 Great review KMJ!

  2. kmjreviews Says:

    i’ll fix that little detail! thanx 4 the correction & comment!

  3. bakerista Says:


  4. raxgond Says:

    Who’s Carrie Underwood? Is she related to Jacob? XD

  5. kmjreviews Says:

    she won American Idol in 2005. she pretty much rocks!

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