insomcover11.jpgAly & AJ’s new CD, Insomniatic, is definitely more edgy than Into The Rush. They wrote all the songs themselves, as they did on their debut album. They have grown up a lot since then & it shows in their writing. Boyfriends are brought up on more than one occasion. I love the melodies they used on Potential Breakup Song. It’s a very catchy song! I think that this album is more grown up & parents should be cautioned on the “grown up” lyrics, but other than that, it’s a great CD!

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4 Responses to “Insomniatic”

  1. kmjreviews Says:

    comments on this blog r welcome!

  2. bakerista Says:

    Really? i had no idea you could comment here! 😛

    i don’t think i will like that cd….hmm…we’ll see

  3. raxgond Says:

    So how many albums have these two made?

  4. kmjreviews Says:

    let’s see…their CD single, Into The Rush, Into The Rush: Deluxe Edition, their Christmas CD, & now Insomniatic…so 5.

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