cococover1.jpgColbie Caillat’s debut album, Coco, is such a soothing CD! The guitars, her voice, the lyrics…they all just mesh so well! I’m a huge fan of acoustic stuff anyway, so when I heard her debut single, Bubbly, I knew this chick was for real! She has such a beautiful voice & the melodies are like lullabies! Overall, I would say that ages 10+ would enjoy this CD! I know I do! 

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9 Responses to “Coco”

  1. hayatekaze Says:

    i may have to read this…

  2. bakerista Says:

    the manly voice is great! haha it really was good, very…hmm…soothing…

    thanks for the review!!

  3. kmjreviews Says:

    i’m glad u agree w/ my review! she does hav quite a soothing voice…doesn’t she? thanx 4 the comment!

  4. bakerista Says:


  5. bakerista Says:


  6. kmjreviews Says:

    boo 2 u 2! hey i’m a poet & didn’t know it! lol! fyi it makes me wanna sleep 2…hence the lullaby-ness.

  7. raxgond Says:

    Oh! I was reading this and was wondering if she was the one who wrote Bubbly, but you’ve answered my question. ^^ Her voice is very pretty.

  8. kmjreviews Says:

    yep…she wrote bubbly w/ another guy. he’s pretty good too…jason reeves…u should check him out!

  9. akidd Says:

    I really like her CD to!!! lol i bought her CD right after i heard her song Bubbly… Her music is very soothing!

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