My 1st Post!…Yay!

So, here’s my first post on wordpress…ever! Hopefully my reviews will aid everyone in deciding what to watch, listen to, or read! Enjoy it everybody!

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5 Responses to “My 1st Post!…Yay!”

  1. bakerista Says:

    This is going to be so awesome! I am going to ask you about every movie I want to go see!! THANK YOU!!

  2. bakerista Says:

    i hope you will comment about hairspray!!!

  3. raxgond Says:

    Fwee! ^^ Hello, Keelz.

  4. bakerista Says:

    I am so thankful you reviewed hairspray, i’m sooooooooooo coming to your house and we’re gonna watch it!! 😀

  5. kmjreviews Says:

    i am so glad that u hav that much confidence in me 2 ask me about movies! thanx 4 the comment!

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